Exactly what to Consider When Buying a Log Home

If you are like lots of people that are thinking about buying a log house, it might effectively be just one of your crucial individual environmental and monetary choices you will certainly make.

I want to offer you my experiences as well as a few of one of the most important benefits to developing a Moose Mountain Log Residence. My name is Lloyd Beckedorf and also I have actually been building full-scribe handcrafted log homes as my sole profession given that 1978 (web link for: the various kinds of log residence construction comparison).

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Numerous people map their desire to live in a log residence to something that stimulated an emotional feeling of wellness. It could additionally be much more current, such as being in a sturdy log home during a wintertime storm, or perhaps pictures in a log home magazine which made you realize exactly how impersonal as well as lifeless standard real estate has ended up being. No matter where your need stemmed, the decision to construct a log residence will be an extremely vital and also personal one.

When people construct a log the home of live in for a long time, craftsmanship, design, high quality of logs plus various other materials, as well as convenience versus winter’s chilly as well as summer’s warmth come to be critical in a formula of worth for your financial investment. When you pick a Moose Hill Log House it does suggest that of your highest worries is the top quality of your setting, in figuring out worth for your housing demands. Regretfully, from what I have seen, there are many means to lower the first cost of a log house by lowering the top quality of the craftsmanship in the logs should generate that log home, however eventually it will certainly always cause a house which you will certainly desire to remain in for a much shorter time period. Our strategy though, has been among paying close https://www.eurodita.com/ attention to the countless little aspects of producing a real artwork and also function that some of which in themselves may not appear that important, nonetheless together produce considerable advantages as well as permit us to state certainly, there is no much better constructed home compared to a Moose Hill log home.

If you take into consideration that a log house, from the viewpoint of the log building, is consisted of a balance of layout, joinery methods, log top quality as well as charm, workmanship plus focus on plenty of little details and various other building and construction products, along with affordability, then, I am sure you agree, it ends up being vital that you review your objectives in building a log home in each of these classifications.


The draftsman/designer/architect ought to have previous log experience and blend your building site’s advantages of view, incline, gain access to, greenery cover and also sunshine instructions with your room requirements, with each other with the log building contractor’s experience and understanding. Make sure that your person in charge of the strategy listens very carefully to you and also the log contractor. It will be vital that your log contractor draw on a vast selection of experience and also have a real enthusiasm for creating something distinct in guiding the person you designate to establish your strategies.

It is also essential to bear in mind that the functioning drawings, the ones you will certainly hand in for authorization approval, will certainly most significantly make use of the previous log experience of the boss of your strategies. We very suggest you take extra time in investigating the previous experience of the specific or firm you choose.


Here is where you will discover the best differences in structures and also high quality, and also this needs one of the most study by you, the log house purchaser. To build one of the most air and weather-tight house, one of the most comfortable house in the wintertime’s cool and summer season’s heat, especially indicates you have to create a seal that works with wood and also its constant effort to equalize its wetness web content with the air family member humidity.

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If it were just as simple as at first fitting logs together snugly, that would certainly be the only measure of high quality joinery, then every first year log contractor would certainly be a specialist. It is in full-scribe joinery where workmanship and also skill are important as opposed to the chinked style log house where chinking alone changes the requirement for precision and also workmanship. Right here in full-scribe joinery, through experience and communication with the building contractors as well as the buildings constructed of the extra usual Swedish Cope or Scandinavian Shallow Cove, is where the distinctions of our patented Double-Scribe Lateral Groove as well as our Shrink-Fit Saddle Notch allow us to declare there is no much better method of log joinery.

When you make the effort to recognize how timber reacts to joinery as well as changes in moisture, you will comprehend it is definitely difficult for any of the Scandinavian or Swedish Full-Scribe Cope or Cove approaches to produce an item which will certainly do as well as our Double-Scribe Lateral Groove and also Shrink-Fit Saddle Notch joinery.

KAUNAS, LithuaniaMarch 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Eurodita successfully introduces itself to the high standards maintaining Asian market of the log cabin industry.

In 2017, the Lithuanian-based company has already established its name in over 50 countries, as being one of the leaders in the log cabins industry, and began to actively engage in communication with the partners from Asia, in particular, from China and Japan. The timing was chosen wisely, because that was when the Chinese began to appreciate the natural draw of log cabin holiday retreats, and value it as the innovative way to appeal to buyers seeking out exquisite holiday homes.

After the long, persistent negotiation, both sides reached the agreement and China decided to trust the quality and loyalty of Eurodita, hence they signed the contract. The name of the company is left at the discretion of the agreement. Using the close ties Eurodita has with many transporting companies, the products reached China and soon were displayed in one of the biggest industry exhibitions in the country. The introduced log cabins gained huge success and fitted the high standards China has raised. The highlights of the product were noted as its prime quality, an easy assembly and lightning fast delivery, together with the rest of the benefits Eurodita has to offer, as herculean assortment and the exclusive dealership program.

2018 is looking promising. According to the contract, Eurodita has committed to producing over 500 units, which money wise would result in 1.250.000€ worth of log cabins. That is quite a challenge, in regards to the production and product resources – a challenge Eurodita is more than willing to take. “We have had partners from far regions before, however, the overall partnership with China is our biggest accomplishment so far, which comes with a great honor and responsibility to meet the new, higher requirement. This opportunity encourages us to take one step further in our production and company development,” says the CEO of Eurodita, Rolanas Kutra. The communication between Eurodita and China is still successfully ongoing, with the plans to introduce even more new models, taking into account the needs of the partners.

In addition to the successful partnership with one of the economically most significant regions of Asia, Eurodita has also begun the conversation with potential partners from Japan. Being one of the biggest dealers of log cabins in the country, the team from Japan definitely knows its value and has their requirements. It has already been a year-long negotiation, in order to make sure that every detail of the agreement is fitted to the highest standards. The agreement is expected to be reached by the end of 2018, so Eurodita could start exporting its production to Japan.

Founded in 1994, the export of Eurodita has spread globally and reached countries such as the United Kingdom, IrelandIcelandSwedenAustraliaChinaGermanySwitzerlandSpainPortugalPanama and the USA. Eurodita is known as being the leader of smart dealers, producing a wide range of log and timber structures: log cabins and sheds, laminated log houses, garden furniture wooden carports and garages and many other structures produced from the finest Nordic timber.

Founded in 1994, the Lithuania-based company built its reputation through an unparalleled dedication to the interests of our clients (here’s a list of really great B2B benefits that every dealer will enjoy).

In over two decades of activity in the log cabins industry, the company has developed into a global organization with branches in over 50 countries. Currently, our dealer network is strongest in the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands. We are currently consolidating our positions in the markets of AustraliaNew ZealandGermanyFranceSweden and Norway.

The dealers operating in these well-off countries are faced with a difficult challenge of satisfying increasingly demanding consumers with impeccable log and timber products, while still making a profit. More and more dealers are discovering that the most efficient solution to their challenges is Eurodita Log Structures: the leader in serving smart dealers. What top dealers also appreciate about Eurodita is our Exclusive Dealer Program: a possible arrangement whereby you receive our products for Private Label on the understanding that no other dealer will sell our product in your area.